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Jessie -n- Robert 01-25-04

24 June 1988
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♥I go by Jessica, Jess, or Jessie♥! I graduated in 2006 from Citrus High School and am currently full-filling my dream in becoming a pediatrician. I am a student at CFCC for now...then it's off to a university, hopefully UF. I am a waitress at sonnys. I am a waitress at Grammy's Soul Food Heaven. I am a former 2nd LT in JROTC at CHS and also a thespian of Troupe #4405!!

I drive a dark red 95 Nissan Maxima my car is totaled :( ♥ I drive a green 97 Dodge Intrepid and my favorite color is green. I love tinkerbell and dolphins. My favorite movies are Cruel Intentions, Dirty Dancing and The Notebook. I love watching Broadway and I love musicals! I love italian and chinese food! I can be quite sarcastic but also negative and jealous at the same time.♥

♥ I've been happily taken for the past 4 years (january 25th!!!), and recently got engaged on April 8th, 2007..also known as Easter!! Robert is the best guy in the world! We are so much alike and he is my best friend. I can't wait to settle down with him. I'm so happy that we are finally beginning another chapter of our lives..and most importantly we are beginning them together!He is my best friend, and I can't wait to start a family with him! We always have such a wonderful time together and he's the sweetest person I know!♥

♥ We have a blue beta fish named link, a chihuahua named mocha and a chilean rose haired tarantula named Phoenix!! I finally live with my fiance, and I couldn't be happier!!!! I can be both shy and outgoing...but i'm afraid that people won't like me. I have hazel eyes and brown hair..and I hate the way that i look. I'm a dancer and a hard worker. I can't sing but I love too regardless. My fears consist of dark water and elevators. silly I know...but still.. My friends and family mean everything to me!! I have such an amazing relationship with my sister and i wouldn't trade it for the world.♥

♥I love to cuddle with my fiance, but i'm not very organized..i love to make people laugh and i absolutely love roller coasters...and I'm a big dreamer, I never give up! I love publix subs and guitar hero. ♥

♥ i fall asleep watching tv..sometimes within the hour.:)♥

♥ I love to laugh my ass off to the point that my stomah hurts so much and i start crying.♥

♥ I could stay up all night and just talk♥

♥ i love the beach, and sunsets are so amazing. i dont give the greatest advice but i try my best at helping my friends.♥

♥i'm simple and i love the simple things in life. i'm not into all the glitz and glammer and im not really for all the money. i dress comfortable and casual and i really dont party.♥

♥ I hate people who run their mouths, if you got sumtin to say, than your better off saying it to my face. I'm not a fake person, so don't be fake to me. My down fall is being a nice person and i've learned my lesson just recently. I'm tired of being nice to people and getting trampled on...so forget that.♥

♥i love watching re-runs and i am pretty easy going...I love ketcup, cheese puffs and capris suns!♥

chillen with my fiance, goin to the movies, playin the wii..mario kart, super smash bros...etc...