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Spring Break

Spring Break is here!! Monday is Robert's 21st bday!! I'm so excited...I can't wait until I'm 21...bleh 3 more months....

I'm still looking for a job, it sucks so much. I don't know where else to go, cuz everytime I go somewhere to get a application, the people say they are not accepting applications...well they could at least give me one to fill out, in case someone quits...

oh well, what are you going to do... robert got a job once a week tutoring a high school kid.
 i can't wait for the summer...and for my hair to grow out....

it's 1:55, and me and robert are watchin step brothers...lol
we just got done yellin at some kids next door who were having some high school party. they were so unbelievably loud, haha...

my internet connection is f*ed up because i'm runnin of the neighbor's wi-fi...lol

school has been good, there's been alot of homework, but that's what comes with an education.  we haven't done our taxes yet..yea we've been slacking off, but eventually we'll get them done.

we're both still jobless...we filled out apps for bealls outlet, and movie gallery. alot of places have online applications.. which sucks, but i guess you get what you get...

i wish the economy wasn't so bad, so i'm hoping obama will help us get out of this "recession"

well i guess i should get off of here and get some shut eye...

fun fact: take one baby aspirin a day to reduce the risk of a heart attack! i don't know where that came from, but i just thought of it

2 weeks

So, it's been 2 weeks since i've been on here....bleh

nothing much has been going on, just been busy with school.
i've been sick for 9 days, so that's been pretty brutual.Me and robert rented some movies to watch for the valenties weekend. We watched "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist" "The Rocker" and "Nights in Rodanthe"

Valentines was amazing. He bought me 4 Disney limited edition puzzles(winnie the pooh, jungle book, peter pan, and minnie and micky), some candy, body wash, and a memory foam pillow. I bought him an outfit (shirt, shorts, boxers) and his fave disney movie..HERCULES.

I love him so much and I can't wait to marry him!!!

Go Cardinals

So..Not much has been going on lately...just been chillen! Me and Robert have just recently been introduced to "the office" and oh my god it is hilarious!!! so we've been watching alot of it...

we're watching thr super bowl, and we're going for the cardinals!!

and apparently they just got a touchdown....according to the yelling coming from the livingroom!! ha

party boy music

ugh...today was a sucky day. it rained all day and i had to go school and it was a boring class..she gives us alot of work. all of our work and assignments are done through the internet...so whats the point of driving to class and back each week when we can do everything at home? not only are the assignments on the computer, but there's an e-book...so i don't know..it doesn't make sense..

im getting readii to play MARIO KART BITCHES!!!!

shit shit shit

what a shitty day it is...its been raining all day..

i hate driving in the rain..it makes me nervous because it seems the more it rains, the more idiots come out to drive.. oh well..at least the college is only like 20-25 minutes away..anyways..so our anniversary was ahh-mazing!!

we dont have much money, so we went to winn dixie and bought some burgers and stuff like that and went to the park thats in the neighborhood...it was so awesome!! just being with eachother is all that matters...

and i still cant find a job....ugh its so aggravating....bleh


tomorrow i have an interview with kmart, and even though i shouldnt be, i'm nervous...because i really need a job...

i still cant believe blockbuster fired me....they're such assholes.

i mean..yeah i didnt really like being there, but it was a paycheck...bleh...

i dont know

p.s yesterday was our 5 yr anniversary, and i can't believe it's been that long!!! i love him so much

the biggest b.s. ive ever heard

ok, so yesterday i went to work, and before i clocked in the assistant and store manager told about some things i was being accused of....

first off...they are completely bogus and second off, they didnt even do a further investigation, they just up and fired me for what they thought was me...

but i was the better person, i didnt fight back or have an attitude..when they told me they were gonna have to let me go and they apologized, i just said that it was ok and fine.

i only did that because i didn't want their last impression of me to be that i was a bitch...plus they had already made up their mind and arguing my case wouldn't have made a difference..

thank god i have an interview with kmart on tuesday! i hope that all goes well...

i dont know.....

tomorrow is mine and robert's 5 year anniversary!!

ok so twilight comes out on dvd march 21st!! and im so excited!! lol

i thought that i could only put music on my phone with a memory card, but i just found out that i don't need one...thank god because the memory cards are 30 dollars and 60 dollars.. i have a sony ericsson walkman w580i.

i have to work tomorrow and i really dont want to. i hate working on fridays becasue im there with the store manager and the assistant manager and i have to close. this means ill be there until about 11:15...bleh...i really need a new job..hopefully i get the job at kmart....maybe they'll give me better hours and a better pay....

i dont know

i'm in the business of misery

wow...it's freakin cold as hell outside...its like 24 degrees...ugh...

ok...its american idol time..yay!!

i love this show

and im hungry